Welcome to Safe Lifting Solutions LLC.
  Safe Lifting Solutions, LLC, will provide your company with an evidence based, proven successful program in Safe Patient Handling and Movement.
The consultants will work with your key leaders to design a program that meets your needs and is compliant with state regulations.

This program has been taught in hospitals across the U.S. Each hospital has reduced their patient handling work comp costs dramatically since implementation.

Nine states have already passed safe patient handling legislation; they are Ohio, Texas, New York, Washington, Hawaii, Maryland, Minnesota, Rhode Island, and New Jersey. Nine other states are seeking to pass legislation. They are Massachusetts, California, Iowa, Nevada, Michigan, Florida, Vermont, Missouri and Illinois.

Let us interpret your state legislation, and provide a safe patient handling program that keeps you in compliance. Call Your Congressman and ask him to co-sponsor HR2381- The Nurse and Health Care Worker Protection Act of 2009!!!

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